Ian E. Koski
Washington, D.C.   |   Portland, Maine
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I love hills.

During the summer, my high school cross-country coach used to make us run up a long hill on campus over and over again for practice. He would make us scream, "I love hills" as we did — a maniacal decree that seemed designed for his personal enjoyment.

As it turned out, though, the course where most of our meets were held had a serious hill in the third mile, and so while other schools’ runners would be forced to slow down because they hadn't trained for it, we would be accelerating and cruising on to victory.

We made the hardest part of the race the strongest part of our strategy.

Coach was right... I do love hills.

What I do

I communicate for a living, and in a range of different ways.

Communications Strategy

As the communications director for a U.S. senator and a communications advisor to his campaign, I've experienced a wide range of political communications, from developing aggressive strategies to managing — and avoiding — emerging crises.

Brand Management

Logos, graphics, photos, video and animation have enormous value to messaging activities. Once a professional graphic designer, I know how to leverage the strengths of each channel and enforce the visual characteristics of a strong brand.

Digital Strategy

Getting the most communications value out of digital platforms requires thinking beyond 140 characters. I have worked as a full-time digital strategist and as a client, so I'm fluent in both languages and know how to get the most out of a digital strategy.

Speeches & Trainings

I teach, train, and lecture on digital and communication strategy for politics.

Political Digital Strategy

Digital strategy has a habit of intimidating people who don't understand the difference between HTML and CSS. My trainings and lectures on digital strategy are aimed at bridging that gap, with curricula including:

  • Planning a modern digital strategy
  • Building and managing innovative websites
  • Running an effective email program
  • Surviving and thriving on social media
  • Turning your office into a digital newsroom

Communications Strategy

There is more news media than ever before, and yet it's harder than ever for a message to break through. Communications strategy is evolving quickly, requiring new tools and demanding new thinking. My trainings and lectures on comms strategy include curricula on:

  • Building a modern communications strategy
  • Using the press to achieve an outcome
  • Managing a visual brand in politics

Past Audiences

  • The George Washington University
  • American University
  • Georgetown University
  • University of Delaware
  • League of Women Voters
  • Association of American Political Consultants
  • European Institute
  • New Organizing Institute
  • Academy for Educational Development
  • and privately for a number of clients

To book me for a speaking engagement, click here to email me.

  • Quorum Creative

    Principal and Founder

    I founded Quorum Creative to help Democratic campaigns and causes communciate more efficiently and effectively in today's complex media and content climate.

  • The ONE Campaign

    Senior Director for Communications,
    North America

    I led messaging and media strategy for political and policy-advocacy activities in the U.S. and Canada for Bono’s non-profit fighting extreme poverty in Africa. As the organization's senior-most communciator globally, I also led communications strategy on an array of global projects and a 16-person, 10-country, three-continent global communications team.

  • U.S. Senator Chris Coons

    Communications Director and Senior Advisor

    I managed and directed all official communications, including press outreach, digital strategy, and public activities. As the national press secretary, I spoke on the record, briefed reporters on background, drafted press statements, wrote speeches, and prepared the Senator for interviews, including Sunday talk shows.

  • The George Washington University

    Adjunct Professor

    I teach a master’s class on political digital strategy in the Graduate School of Political Management.

  • Chris Coons for Delaware

    Senior Communications Strategist

    As a consultant, I advised the campaign on message, press, branding, and digital strategies, and managed the campaign’s debate-prep activities.

  • Obama for America-Florida

    Press Events Coordinator

    As a volunteer on leave from the Senate, I managed “bracketing” press activities for visits to the state by Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, developing targeted messaging, selecting and recruiting surrogates, and coordinating execution.

  • Kennedy Communications

    Vice President for Digital

    In addition to developing websites for a portfolio of campaign clients, I worked with several campaigns and organizations to develop and execute innovative digital strategies using tactics including blast emails, online advertising, social media, blog outreach, microsites, and more.

  • Blue State Digital

    Senior Strategy Client Manager

    I pitched and worked with a diverse portfolio of campaigns, organizations and corporations in developing and executing innovative web communication strategies. Whether through a robust website, an aggressive email program, social media platforms, or blog outreach, my team’s goal was to build online communities and activate supporters.

  • On Deck Communication Studio

    Founder and Creative Director

    I founded this business to work with organizations and Democratic campaigns in three areas: general communication strategy, digital strategy, and graphic design.

  • The Performance Institute

    Director of Communications

    I led the policy, press, and communications efforts of the non-partisan government reform think tank and successfully assembled organizational coalitions around several advocacy campaigns and dozens of events.

  • The George Washington University

    Master of Arts in Political Management

  • Villanova University

    Bachelor of Arts in Communications

    I also minored in political science, but really, all I did was work at the student newspaper.

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ianekoski at gmail.com